Thursday, November 12, 2009

Empire Builder

My family has been into trains for as long as I can remember. How did we get into this hobby? My wonderful husband. Half of my laundry room is a model railroad and he has plans for when the kids move out. Taking the Empire Builder on Amtrak was something I started thinking about when the two of us recently rode the 4449 when it visited the Twin Cities.

We had such a great time. Many of the cars were restored to their original time period. It just amazed me, this was how people traveled. Not by crowded highways or congested airports, but behind these powerful beasts. So I thought let's do something different. Granted we will be behind a diesel and not a steam, but the ambiance of train travel will still be there. We'll get to spend some time together, see the country, and have a great new experience. That's a perfect trip for me.

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